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Name: Phoenicochroite
RRUFF ID: R050587
Ideal Chemistry: Pb2O(CrO4)
Locality: Potter Cramer mine, Maricopa County, Arizona, USA
Source: Marcus Origlieri [view label]
Owner: RRUFF
Description: Thin coating that includes red gemmy crystalline fragments in some places
Status: The identification of this mineral is confirmed by single-crystal X-ray diffraction and chemical analysis.
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RRUFF ID: R050587.2
Sample Description: Microprobe Fragment
Measured Chemistry: Pb2.05O(Cr0.98O4)
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Sample Description: Unoriented sample

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RRUFF ID: R050587.9
Sample Description: Single crystal, powder profile is calculated
Cell Refinement Output: a: 14.004(4)Å    b: 5.662(2)Å    c: 7.135(2)Å
alpha: 90°    beta: 115.28(2)°    gamma: 90°   Volume: 511.5(2)Å3    Crystal System: monoclinic
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Calculated diffraction file.

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Output file from the Bruker D8 Advance instrument. Includes device headers and XY data.

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