About the Project

The Database The RRUFF™ Project is creating a complete set of high quality spectral data from well characterized minerals and is developing the technology to share this information with the world. Our collected data provides a standard for mineralogists, geoscientists, gemologists and the general public for the identification of minerals both on earth and for planetary exploration.

Taking out the guess work Users of Raman instruments can compare their Raman patterns to those from our mineral samples with confidence. X-ray diffraction analyses from powder and single crystal are used to identify and determine crystallographic properties unique to each mineral. Electron microprobe analysis is used to determine the chemistry of each mineral. The RRUFF™ Project also provides sample photos**, as well as references (in downloadable .pdf with permission from certain publishers). **Read more about RRUFF™ project photography.

Applications for the database Raman professionals everywhere already have a need for comparative databases in their field. Growing demand for this type of comprehensive mineral database is due in part to the increase in the popularity of miniature Raman devices. An array of portable and hand-held instruments employing Raman technology is already available on the market, and the purchase price is steadily decreasing.

Data Metrics:
5495 IMA approved Minerals

4035 Public RRUFF Samples, 9384 total RRUFF Samples
2229 Public Mineral Species with Samples, 3698 total Minerals Species with Samples

8402 Unoriented High Resolution Raman Spectra across 4064 RRUFF Samples
5850 Oriented High Resolution Raman Spectra across 549 RRUFF Samples
7596 Unoriented Low Resolution Raman Spectra across 3801 RRUFF Samples
937 Infrared Spectra across 819 RRUFF Samples
1931 Measured Chemistry across 1930 RRUFF Samples
3305 Measured Cell Parameters across 3304 RRUFF Samples

12485 Public PDFs
1888 Good Sample Photographs

A note to gem and mineral collectors, dealers, and enthusiasts: You can help! We need thumbnail samples of very rare minerals to complete the RRUFF™ library. If you are interested in getting involved with the project or donating samples:

Thanks to our Sponsor and contributors
We thank our generous sponsor Michael Scott, and the many individuals & corporations who have donated samples to the project. Additional funding has been provided by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. EAR-0622371 and by NASA/JPL through the Strategic University Research Partnership program.

Read more from recent press & publications including this article by undergraduate student and RRUFF™ Project member Charlene Estrada.

To reference the RRUFF Project in your publication, please use the following citation:
Lafuente B, Downs R T, Yang H, Stone N (2015) The power of databases: the RRUFF project. In: Highlights in Mineralogical Crystallography, T Armbruster and R M Danisi, eds. Berlin, Germany, W. De Gruyter, pp 1-30  (link)

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