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Černýite R070179 Cu2CdSnS4 Michael Scott S102410 Hugo mine, Keystone, Keystone District, Pennington County, South Dakota, USA view
Famatinite R110021 Cu3SbS4 William Pinch  Mohawk mine, Goldfield, Esmeralda County, Nevada, USA view
Famatinite R110022 Cu3SbS4 William Pinch  Quiruvilca, La Libertad Department, Peru view
Ferrokësterite R060870 Cu2(Fe,Zn)SnS4 Michael Scott S101027 Cligga mine, Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, England view
Ferrokësterite R110173 Cu2(Fe,Zn)SnS4 Brian Kosnar  San Jose mine, Oruro, Bolivia view
Hocartite R130018 Ag2FeSnS4 William W. Pinch  Pirquitas mine, Jujuy Province, Argentina view
Kësterite R120098 Cu2ZnSnS4 Marcus Origlieri  Xuebaoding, Sichuan Province, China view
Luzonite R060390 Cu3AsS4 Michael Scott S100181 Bern-Shan Pit, Chinkuashi mine, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China view
Luzonite R070247 Cu3AsS4 Michael Scott S105151 Huaron Mining District, San Jose de Huayllay district, Cerro de Pasco, Alcides CarriĆ³n Province, Pasco department, Peru view
Pirquitasite R061016 Ag2ZnSnS4 Michael Scott (small piece), Bob Jenkins (large piece) S101278 Pirquitas, Jujuy Province, Argentina view
Stannite R050187 Cu2FeSnS4 Marcus Origlieri and George Guanghua Liu  Yaogangxian mine, Yizhang County, Hunan Province, China view
Displaying: 1 - 11 11 Records Found
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