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Terms of Use: The RRUFF™ Project authorizes the user to use the software provided, for educational purposes. Publications for all research done with the assistance of CrystalSleuth, and/or XtalDraw must credit the software authors, Bob Downs, and Tom Laestch of the RRUFF™ Project.

CrystalSleuth suggested Reference:
Laetsch T, Downs R (2006) Software For Identification and Refinement of Cell Parameters From Powder Diffraction Data of Minerals Using the RRUFF Project and American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Databases. Abstracts from the 19th General Meeting of the International Mineralogical Association, Kobe, Japan, 23-28 July 2006.

XtalDraw suggested Reference:
Downs, R.T. and Hall-Wallace, M. (2003) The American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database. American Mineralogist 88, 247-250.

The user accepts all responsibility for any damages of any kind that result from use of the software.

Both CrystalSleuth and XtalDraw are currently only available for users of the Microsoft Windows platform. (English language only)

System Requirements
     PC with Windows 2000 or higher. (XP recommended)
     OpenGL compatible graphic controller (required for XtalDraw)

CrystalSleuth (last updated July 20 2009) CrystalSleuth provides tools for the analysis and manipulation of both Raman and powder diffraction data sets. Because of the large number of data files packaged with CrystalSleuth, the installer is sizable. For this reason we package the application without the precompiled search library. This will need to be done before the user is able to search against the Raman patterns from the RRUFF database. As a convenience, we also offer a version of the CrystalSleuth installer that includes the pre-compiled* search library files. This larger version is only recommended for users with a fast internet connection. Check back frequently for updates supporting more features.
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Download CrystalSleuth Raman Quick Start Guide.


(Recommended for dial-up users)

(Recommended for users with faster internet connection)

XtalDraw (Version January 23 2004) XtalDraw is interactive Windows-based software that draws crystal and molecular structures as ball and stick, polyhedral, and thermal ellipsoid representations. It comes with a large set of datafiles. Not only does it read the XtalDraw datafiles, but it can also read the American Mineralogist Crystal Structure DataBase datafiles.

Quartz as rendered by XtalDraw