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Albite R040068 Na(AlSi3O8) University of Arizona Mineral Museum 14023 Harding Pegmatite, Dixon, New Mexico, USA view
Albite R040129 Na(AlSi3O8) Bob Downs  LaChance Quarry, Brunswick, Cumberland County, Maine, USA view
Albite X050005 Na(AlSi3O8) George R. Rossman GRR-901 Blue Lady mine, Chihuahua Valley, San Diego County, California, USA view
Albite X050006 Na(AlSi3O8) George R. Rossman GRR-756 Kioo Hills, Kenya view
Albite X050007 Na(AlSi3O8) George R. Rossman GRR-1610 New Melones Dam, Calaveras County, California view
Albite X050008 Na(AlSi3O8) George R. Rossman GRR-1609 Pederineira mine, San Jose da Safria, Minas Gerais, Brazil view
Albite X050014 Na(AlSi3O8) George R. Rossman GRR-1550 Sannidal, Norway view
Albite X050127 Na(AlSi3O8) G.R. Rossman 1085 Madagascar view
Albite R050253 Na(AlSi3O8) Marcus Origlieri  Madawaska/Faraday mine, Bancroft, Ontario, Canada view
Albite R050402 Na(AlSi3O8) Bob Downs  Urbano mine, Golconda District, Brazil view
Albite R060054 Na(AlSi3O8) Marcus Origlieri  Mt. Erebus, Antarctica view
Albite R070268 Na(AlSi3O8) Michael Scott S104223 Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, USA view
Albite R100169 Na(AlSi3O8) Mineralogical Museum, Harvard University 131705 Rutherford#2 Mine, Amelia, Amelia county, Virginia, USA view
Albite R180031 Na(AlSi3O8) Ch. and H. Sch√§fer  Caspar quarry, Bellerberg volcano, Ettringen, Mayen, Eifel, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany view
Albite R230008 Na(AlSi3O8) Allaz Julien  Piz Beverin, canton Graub√ľnden, Switzerland view
Displaying: 1 - 15 15 Records Found
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