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Anorthite R040059 Ca(Al2Si2O8) University of Arizona Mineral Museum 4079 Miyakejima, Japan view
Anorthite R050104 Ca(Al2Si2O8) Rock Currier  unknown view
Anorthite X050020 Ca(Al2Si2O8) G.R. Rossman 1597 West side, Great Sitkin Island, Aleutian Islands, Alaska view
Anorthite X050021 Ca(Al2Si2O8) G.R. Rossman 1612 Miyakejima, Japan view
Anorthite R060082 Ca(Al2Si2O8) University of Arizona Mineral Museum 15620 Pinacate Mountains, Sonora, Mexico view
Anorthite R060193 Ca(Al2Si2O8) Bill Barker  Mexico view
Anorthite R060221 Ca(Al2Si2O8) Rock Currier  Pinacate lavafield, Sonora, Mexico view
Anorthite R060275 Ca(Al2Si2O8) Herb Obodda 087 Madagascar view
Anorthite R070510 Ca(Al2Si2O8) James Shigley  Larvik, Vestfold, Norway view
Anorthite R070598 Ca(Al2Si2O8) James Shigley  Eyscott Hill, Keswick, Cumberland, England view
Anorthite R100170 Ca(Al2Si2O8) Mineralogical Museum, Harvard University 135998 La Elenda mine, near Nuevo Casas Grandes, Municipio de Nuevo Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, Mexico view
Anorthite R130296 Ca(Al2Si2O8) Rock Currier  Crystal Bay, Minnesota, USA view
Anorthite R190029 Ca(Al2Si2O8) Mariah Leslie  San Louis Obispo Co., California, USA view
Displaying: 1 - 13 13 Records Found
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