Mineral Evolution Database
Created and maintained by the Mineral Evolution Project in partnership with RRUFF and mindat.
Mineral locality data provided by mindat.org

This page is intended to act as a "frontpage" for the MED project, which is currently under development.
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IMA page
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Mineral Evolution Synopsis
Original Mineral Evolution paper

All age data currently used by MED
USGS Mineral Resource Data

MED summary page (takes about a minute to load)
CSV with the counts of mineral/locality combos, organized by element
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First Occurrence for all Minerals (slow)
Last Occurrence for all Minerals (slow)
Deep time Redox Analysis of the Geobiology Ontology Network (Dragon)

Co-Evolution of Geo- and Biosphere Network Diagrams
3D Klee Diagram Visualizations
Klee Diagram Data Links
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Quick display of MED locality counts for IMA minerals
-- like above, but with slightly more info for rare minerals

List of Anthropocene Minerals
List of Meteorite Localities in MED
IMA Minerals without Localities in MED
RRUFF samples that are listed at localities
List of Tectonic settings and the localities they occur at (very incomplete)
Other Links
Map of dated localities, has several options to filter displayed localities
Debugging Links
List of ages that are affecting multiple top-level localities

dated_locality_list.php (slow)
minerals_unique_to_tect_set.php (very incomplete tectonic setting data makes this effectively useless)


All locality data graciously provided by mindat.org

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