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  • Jun 2, 2023
    • Andrieslombaardite
      • New Mineral Entry
      • Mineral Display Name changed to "Andrieslombaardite"
      • RRUFF Ideal Chemistry changed to "Rh3+(SbS)3-"
      • IMA Ideal Chemistry changed to "RhSbS"
      • IMA Number changed to "IMA2022-076"
      • Mineral Comment changed to

        Cabri L J, McDonald A M, Oberthür T, Tamura N, Vymazalová A, Ross K C, Melcher F (2023) Andrieslombaardite, RhSbS, a new platinum-group mineral from the platiniferous Onverwacht Pipe, Republic of South Africa. South African Journal of Geology doi:10.25131/sajg.126.0011