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Spinel R050184 MgAl2O4 Marcus Origlieri  Pein Pyit, Mogok, Burma view
Spinel R050259 MgAl2O4 Marcus Origlieri  Mogok, Burma view
Spinel R050411 MgAl2O4 Marcus Origlieri  Mogok, Burma view
Spinel R050392 MgAl2O4 Eric Van Valkenburg  Mogok, Burma view
Spinel R060798 MgAl2O4 George Rossman CIT-1244 Onentura mine, Camaguey Province, Cuba view
Spinel R060799 MgAl2O4 Marcus Origlieri  Aliabad, Hunza Valley, Pakistan view
Spinel R070013 MgAl2O4 Michael Scott S104538 Bo Phloi, Kanchoutabori Province, Thailand view
Spinel X080013 MgAl2O4 Gemological Institute of America 17612 Synthetic view
Spinel X080014 MgAl2O4 Gemological Institute of America 14105 Synthetic view
Spinel R100133 MgAl2O4 William W. Pinch  Sri Lanka view
Spinel R110101 MgAl2O4 Gemological Institute of America 10-12-2010-6 Synthetic view
Spinel R120116 MgAl2O4 Mark N. Feinglos  Bo Phloi, Kanfhoutabori Province,Thailand view
Displaying: 1 - 12 12 Records Found
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