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Galkhaite R070394 (Hg5Cu)CsAs4S12 Michael Scott S104412 Getchell Mine, Adam Peak, Potosi District, Humboldt County, Nevada, USA view
Goldfieldite R110023 (Cu42)Cu6Te4S13 William Pinch  Mohawk mine, Goldfield, Esmeralda County, Nevada, USA view
Kenoargentotetrahedrite-(Fe) R061081 Ag6(Cu4Fe2)Sb4S12 Lloyd Twaites LT 863 Sadie mine, Elsa, Yukon, Canada view
Tennantite-(Fe) R110024 Cu6(Cu4Fe2)As4S13 William Pinch  Quiruvilca, La Libertad Department, Peru view
Tennantite-(Zn) R050438 Cu6(Cu4Zn2)As4S13 University of Arizona Mineral Museum 14712 Conception del Oro, Zecatecas, Mexico view
Tennantite-(Zn) R050474 Cu6(Cu4Zn2)As4S13 California Institute of Technology W-20745 Daily Judge mine, Park City, Utah, USA view
Tennantite-(Zn) R050558 Cu6(Cu4Zn2)As4S13 Dave Bunk Minerals  Casaplaca mine, Huarochiri Province, Lima Department, Peru view
Tetrahedrite-(Zn) R040164 Cu6(Cu4Zn2)Sb4S13 University of Arizona Mineral Museum 13961 Sunshine mine, Kellog, Idaho, USA view
Tetrahedrite-(Zn) R050302 Cu6(Cu4Zn2)Sb4S13 Eugene Schlepp  Casapalca, Peru view
Tetrahedrite-(Zn) R070423 Cu6(Cu4Zn2)Sb4S13 Michael Scott S104523 Tunnel Extension mine, Marysvale District (Marysvale Uranium area), Piute County, Utah, USA view
Tetrahedrite-(Zn) R100204 Cu6(Cu4Zn2)Sb4S13 William W Pinch  Level 390, Vein 14, Mina Herminia, Julcani District, Huancavelica, Peru view
Displaying: 1 - 11 11 Records Found
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