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Clinoptilolite-Ca R060662 Ca3(Si30Al6)O72·20H2O Michael Scott S101212 Succor Creek, Malheur County, Oregon, USA view
Clinoptilolite-Ca R061098 Ca3(Si30Al6)O72·20H2O Michael Scott S102070 Fish Creek Quarry, Clackamas River, Estacada, Clackamas County, Oregon, USA view
Clinoptilolite-K R110201 K6(Si30Al6)O72·20H2O Donald Doell  Conejo Volcanics, Agoura, Santa Monica Mountains, Los Angeles County, California, USA view
Clinoptilolite-Na R061099 Na6(Si30Al6)O72·20H2O Michael Scott S102073 Richardson Ranch, Madras, Jefferson County, Oregon, USA view
Heulandite-Ca R040021 (Ca,Na,K)5(Si27Al9)O72·26H2O University of Arizona Mineral Museum 797 Prospect Park, Patterson, Passaic County, New Jersey, USA view
Heulandite-Ca R050017 (Ca,Na,K)5(Si27Al9)O72·26H2O Eugene Schlepp  Poona, Maharashtra State, India view
Heulandite-Ca R050097 (Ca,Na,K)5(Si27Al9)O72·26H2O John Cornish  Rat's Nest Claim, Custer County, Idaho, USA view
Heulandite-Ca R050647 (Ca,Na,K)5(Si27Al9)O72·26H2O John Cornish  Rat's Nest Claim, Custer County, Idaho, USA view
Heulandite-Ca R060465 (Ca,Na,K)5(Si27Al9)O72·26H2O Michael Scott S100214 Garrawilla, near Gunnadah, New South Wales, Australia view
Heulandite-Ca R061012 (Ca,Na,K)5(Si27Al9)O72·26H2O Michael Scott S102804 Patterson, New Jersey, USA view
Heulandite-K R061137 (K,Ca,Na)5(Si27Al9)O72·26H2O Michael Scott S102085 Albero Bassi, Vicenza, Veneto, Italy view
Heulandite-Na R070281 (Na,Ca,K)6(Si,Al)36O72·22H2O Michael Scott S102084 Warm Spring Creek, Challis, Custer County, Idaho, USA view
Heulandite-Sr R070272 (Sr,Ca,Na)5(Si27Al9)O72·24H2O Michael Scott S102090 Campegli mine, Campegli, Castiglione Chiavarese, Genova Province, Liguria, Italy view
Displaying: 1 - 13 13 Records Found
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