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Ammonioleucite R060104 (NH4)(AlSi2O6) University of Arizona Mineral Museum 16277 Tatarazawa Quarry, Fujioka Gunma Prefecture, Hunho Island, Japan view
Analcime R040128 Na(AlSi2O6)·H2O Bob Downs  Mont Saint-Hilaire, Rouville County, Quebec, Canada view
Analcime R050094 Na(AlSi2O6)·H2O Rock Currier  Springfield, Oregon, USA view
Analcime R060023 Na(AlSi2O6)·H2O Bob Downs  Dallas, Oregon, USA view
Analcime R120095 Na(AlSi2O6)·H2O Robert Lavinsky  Daye area, Hubei, China view
Hsianghualite R060722 Li2Ca3Be3(SiO4)3F2 Bob Jenkins and George Guanghua Liu  Xianghualing mine near Zenzhou, Hunan Province, China view
Leucite R040107 K(AlSi2O6) University of Arizona Mineral Museum 4733 Roccamonfina, Italy view
Leucite R060300 K(AlSi2O6) Herb Obodda 029 Alban Hills, Rome Province, Latium, Italy view
Pollucite R050344 Cs(Si2Al)O6·nH2O George Rossman 2314 Konar Province, Afghanistan view
Pollucite R050345 Cs(Si2Al)O6·nH2O California Institute of Technology W-20317 Bernic Lake, Manitoba, Canada view
Wairakite R061075 Ca(Si4Al2)O12·2H2O Michael Scott S101417 Katashina Village, Gunma Prefecture, Japan view
Displaying: 1 - 11 11 Records Found
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