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Diaspore X050055 AlO(OH) RD Shannon 62047- 42 Turkey view
Diaspore R060287 AlO(OH) Herb Obodda 077 Selcuk, Mugla Province, Turkey view
Diaspore R060546 AlO(OH) Gemological Institute of America 22868 Turkey view
Goethite R050142 FeO(OH) Dave Bunk Minerals  Park County, Colorado, USA view
Goethite X050091 FeO(OH) Caltech  Michigan, USA view
Goethite X050093 FeO(OH) Caltech  Negaunee, Michigan, USA view
Goethite R120086 FeO(OH) Michael Scott S102426 Alexander mine, Vrancice, Příbram, Central Bohemia Region, Bohemia, Czech Republic view
Groutite R070583 Mn3+O(OH) James Shigley  Marble Canyon, Gunnison County, Colorado, USA view
Groutite R080004 Mn3+O(OH) Michael Scott S101187 Roberts mine, Crosby, Minnesota, USA view
Montroseite R060576 (V3+,Fe2+,V4+)O(OH) Michael Scott S100805 Number Mesa 5 mine, Temple Mountain, Emery County, Utah, USA view
Tsumgallite R100125 GaO(OH) William W. Pinch  Tsumeb, Namibia view
Displaying: 1 - 11 11 Records Found
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