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Annabergite R050462 Ni3(AsO4)2·8H2O University of Arizona Mineral Museum 2447 Plaka mine, Laurium, Attica, Greece view
Annabergite R060564 Ni3(AsO4)2·8H2O Michael Scott S100290 Candelaria mine, Mineral County, Nevada, USA view
Barićite R061045 (Mg,Fe)3(PO4)2·8H2O Michael Scott S100392 Rapid Creek, Yukon, Canada view
Bobierrite R060681 Mg3(PO4)2·8H2O Michael Scott S101377 Kovdor Massif, Kola Peninsula, Murmanskaja Oblast', Northern Region, Russia view
Erythrite R050073 Co3(AsO4)2·8H2O Rock Currier  Bou Azzer, Morocco view
Hörnesite R060724 Mg3(AsO4)2·8H2O Bob Jenkins  Huercal Overa, Almeria Province, Spain view
Hörnesite R070336 Mg3(AsO4)2·8H2O Michael Scott S101269 Ayers, Val d' Anniviers, Wallis, Switzerland view
Köttigite R110032 Zn3(AsO4)2·8H2O William W Pinch  44 level, Tsumeb mine, Tsumeb, Namibia view
Köttigite R110035 Zn3(AsO4)2·8H2O The University of Arizona Mineral Museum 18728 Ojuela mine, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico view
Manganohörnesite R061005 Mn2+3(AsO4)2·8H2O Michael Scott S101277 Mossgruven, Nordmark, Sweden view
Parasymplesite R150137 Fe2+3(AsO4)2·8H2O Jeremie Pfister  Kiura Mine, Oita Pref., Kyushu Island, Japan view
Vivianite R040185 Fe2+3(PO4)2·8H2O University of Arizona Mineral Museum 11555 Siglo XX mine, Llallagua, Bustillos, Potosi, Bolivia view
Vivianite R050076 Fe2+3(PO4)2·8H2O Rock Currier  near Canutillos mine, Potosi, Saavedra, Bolivia view
Vivianite R050464 Fe2+3(PO4)2·8H2O University of Arizona Mineral Museum 11555 Siglo XX mine, Llallagua, Potosi, Bolivia view
Vivianite R050596 Fe2+3(PO4)2·8H2O Barb Dutrow  Chernomorskiy Quarry, near Kertch City, Crimea Peninsula, Ukraine view
Vivianite R060025 Fe2+3(PO4)2·8H2O Eric Van Valkenburg  Gypsy mine, Minas Gerais, Brazil view
Vivianite R070331 Fe2+3(PO4)2·8H2O Mark Mauthner 3369 Big Fish River, Yukon Territory, Canada view
Displaying: 1 - 17 17 Records Found
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