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Friedelite R060364 Mn2+8Si6O15(OH)10 Herb Obodda 037 Sterling Hill mine, Ogdensburg, Sussex County, New Jersey, USA view
Friedelite R070085 Mn2+8Si6O15(OH)10 Bob Jenkins  Sterling Hill mine, Ogdensburg, New Jersey, USA view
Mcgillite R110206 Mn2+8Si6O15(OH)8Cl2 Royal Ontario Museum M36127 Sullivan mine, Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada view
Nelenite R120148 Mn2+16As3+3Si12O36(OH)17 James Zigras  Huanggang mine, Inner Mongolia, China view
Nelenite R120150 Mn2+16As3+3Si12O36(OH)17 Rock Currier  Trotter mine, Franklin, New Jersey, USA view
Pyrosmalite-(Fe) R050158 Fe2+8Si6O15(OH)10 Jim McGlasson  Burguillos del Cerro, Badajos, Spain view
Pyrosmalite-(Fe) R060438 Fe2+8Si6O15(OH)10 Michael Scott S100099 Monchi mine, Brugillos del Cerro, Badoz Province, Spain view
Pyrosmalite-(Fe) R070313 Fe2+8Si6O15(OH)10 James Shigley  Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia view
Pyrosmalite-(Mn) R110207 Mn2+8Si6O15(OH,Cl)10 Royal Ontario Museum M42426 Kyurasawa mine, Ashio, Tochigi Prefecture, Kanto Region, Japan view
Displaying: 1 - 9 9 Records Found
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