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Crocoite R040053 Pb(CrO4) Bob Downs  Dundas, Tasmania view
Crocoite R050044 Pb(CrO4) Eugene Schlepp  Red Ledge mine, Dundas, Tasmania view
Crocoite R160016 Pb(CrO4) Marcus Origlieri  Beresovsk, Ural Mountains, Russia view
Huttonite X050103 Th(SiO4) Caltech  synthetic, grown by Boatner 1963 view
Monazite-(Ce) R040106 Ce(PO4) University of Arizona Mineral Museum 5580 Angola view
Monazite-(Ce) X050118 Ce(PO4) Caltech  unknown view
Monazite-(Ce) R060925 Ce(PO4) Alfredo Petrov  Siglo Veinte mine, Llallagua, Bustillos Province, Potosi Department, Bolivia view
Monazite-(Ce) R120081 Ce(PO4) Rudy Bolona  Hinman mine, Jefferson County, Colorado, USA view
Monazite-(Ce) R120146 Ce(PO4) Ikram Mineralogy  Zagi Mountain, Hameed Abad Kafoor Dheri, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan view
Monazite-(La) R070263 La(PO4) Michael Scott S105570 Bear Lodge, Bear Creek placers, First Choice District (Garnet District), Granite County, Montana, USA view
Rooseveltite R060804 Bi(AsO4) Michael Scott S100110 Josef mine, Moldava, Czech. Republic view
Displaying: 1 - 11 11 Records Found
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