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Agardite-(Y) R060711 YCu2+6(AsO4)3(OH)6·3H2O Bob Jenkins  Brumado, Bahia, Brazil view
Agardite-(Y) R060924 YCu2+6(AsO4)3(OH)6·3H2O Bob Jenkins  Bou Skour mine, Djebel Sarhro, Morocco view
Agardite-(Y) R070357 YCu2+6(AsO4)3(OH)6·3H2O Michael Scott S103028 Hayashi, Setoda, Ikuchi Island, Hiroshima Prefecture, Chugoku Region, Honshu Island, Japan view
Agardite-(Y) R070649 YCu2+6(AsO4)3(OH)6·3H2O Bob Jenkins  Jote West mine, Pampa Larga Mining District, Copiapo, Chile view
Goudeyite R060268 Cu6Al(AsO4)3(OH)6·3H2O Michael Scott S100173 Copper Stope, Majuba Hill mine, Pershing County, Nevada, USA view
Mixite R070503 Cu6Bi(AsO4)3(OH)6·3H2O Bob Jenkins  Hilarion mine, near Kamariza, Lavrion District, Greece view
Petersite-(Ce) R050541 Cu6Ce(PO4)3(OH)6·3H2O UAMM 19801 Cherry Creek district, Yavapai County, Arizona, USA view
Petersite-(Y) R060538 Cu6Y(PO4)3(OH)6·3H2O Michael Scott S100204 Laurel Hill, Secaucus, New Jersey, USA view
Zálesíite R060228 CaCu6(AsO4)2(AsO3OH)(OH)6·3H2O Michael Scott S100145 Hilarion mine, near Kamareza, Laurium, Attica Penninsula, Greece view
Zálesíite R070455 CaCu6(AsO4)2(AsO3OH)(OH)6·3H2O Michael Scott S103060 Zálesí, Javorník, Olomouc Region, Moravia (Mähren; Maehren), Czech Republic view
Displaying: 1 - 10 10 Records Found
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