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Bismuthinite R061077 Bi2S3 Lloyd Twaites LT1259 Jersey mine, Salmo, British Columbia, Canada view
Bismuthinite R070533 Bi2S3 James Shigley  Llallagua, Bustillos Province, Potosi, Bolivia view
Bismuthinite R070617 Bi2S3 James Shigley  Hachita, Grants County, New Mexico, USA view
Guanajuatite R080140 Bi2Se3 James Shigley  Falun, Dalarna, Sweden view
Metastibnite R060755 Sb2S3 Michael Scott S101259 San Jose mine, Oruro, Bolivia view
Pääkkönenite R060709 Sb2AsS2 Bob Jenkins  Caiwa mine, Danfeng, Shangluo Prefecture, Shaanxi, Northwest Region, China view
Pääkkönenite R090073 Sb2AsS2 William W. Pinch  Damingshan Mountain area, Defeng, Shanglin County, Guangxi Province, China view
Stibnite R050066 Sb2S3 Rock Currier  Wuling, Jiangxi Province, China view
Stibnite R050016 Sb2S3 Eugene Schlepp  Romania view
Stibnite R120137 Sb2S3 Benjamin N. Schumer  Green Prospect, Churchill County, Nevada, USA view
Displaying: 1 - 10 10 Records Found
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