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Anorthoroselite R150065 Ca2Co(AsO4)2·2H2O Bob Jenkins  Bou Azzer, Morocco view
Collinsite R060140 Ca2Mg(PO4)2·2H2O Mark Mauthner  Big Fish River, Yukon Territory, Canada view
Collinsite R120022 Ca2Mg(PO4)2·2H2O Dr. Jürgen Wachsmuth  Prinz von Hessen mine, Messel, Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany view
Collinsite R140626 Ca2Mg(PO4)2·2H2O Rock Currier  Near Milgun Station, Meekatharra Shire, Western Australia, Australia view
Dondoellite R140175 Ca2Fe(PO4)2·2H2O Rock Currier  Messel mine, Messel, Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany view
Dondoellite R210003 Ca2Fe(PO4)2·2H2O Donald Doell  Grizzly Bear Creek, Stoneman Camp (Area B; Area 2), Rapid Creek, Dawson mining district, Yukon, Canada view
Fairfieldite R050539 Ca2Mn2+(PO4)2·2H2O University of Arizona Mineral Museum 9329 Foote mine, Kings Mountain, Cleveland County, North Carolina, USA view
Fairfieldite R070630 Ca2Mn2+(PO4)2·2H2O Dakota Matrix Minerals  Tip Top mine, Custer County, South Dakota, USA view
Gaitite R130625 Ca2Zn(AsO4)2·2H2O Rock Currier  Municipio de Pitiquito, Sonora, Mexico view
Hillite R061014 Ca2Zn(PO4)2·2H2O Michael Scott S101281 Reaphook Hill, South Australia view
Messelite R210009 Ca2Fe2+(PO4)2·2H2O Tom Loomis  Palermo mine, Grafton Co., New Hampshire view
Nickeltalmessite R090023 Ca2Ni(AsO4)2·2H2O Wiiliam W. Pinch  Ait Ahmane, Bou Azzer, Morocco view
Parabrandtite R220028 Ca2Mn2+(AsO4)2·2H2O Bob Jenkins  Cobriza mine, Sacramento District, Copiapó Province, Chile view
Talmessite R060369 Ca2Mg(AsO4)2·2H2O Michael Scott S100026 Gold Hill, Tooele County, Utah, USA view
Talmessite R060830 Ca2Mg(AsO4)2·2H2O Michael Scott S101262 Bou Azzer, Morocco view
Talmessite R080007 Ca2Mg(AsO4)2·2H2O William W. Pinch  Tsumeb mine, Tsumeb, Otavi District, Oshikoto, Namibia view
Displaying: 1 - 16 16 Records Found
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