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Atelisite-(Y) R130043 Y4Si3O8(OH)8 Thomas Malcherek  Stetind quarry, Tysfjord, Norway view
Béhierite R060657 Ta(BO4) Michael Scott S101149 Mount Ibity, Antsirabe, Madagascar view
Cahnite R070182 Ca2B(AsO4)(OH)4 Michael Scott S103925 Vallerano Quarry, Vallerano, Rome, Rome Province, Latium, Italy view
Cahnite R110095 Ca2B(AsO4)(OH)4 Rob Lavinsky  Inner Mongolia province, China view
Chernovite-(Y) R070368 Y(AsO4) Michael Scott S100535 Squaw Creek mine, Taylor Creek Tin District (Black Range Tin District), Sierra County, New Mexico, USA view
Chromatite R130086 CaCr6+O4 Jessy Gillot (Laboratory Manager Imaging & Microstructural Analysis, Saint-Gobain Recherche, France)  Synthetic view
Coffinite R070402 U(SiO4)·nH2O Michael Scott S102007 Happy Jack mine (Blue Dike mine), Copper Point, White Canyon, White Canyon District, San Juan County, Utah, USA view
Dreyerite R130060 Bi(VO4) William W. Pinch  Ritter mine, Schneeberg District, Erzgebirge, Saxony, Germany view
Hafnon X050100 Hf(SiO4) Caltech  synthetic, grown by J.Hanchar view
Hafnon R060987 Hf(SiO4) Alex Speer  Synthetic view
Schiavinatoite R090010 Nb(BO4) William W. Pinch  Antsongombato, south of Betafo, south of Mahaiz, Madagascar view
Thorite X050163 Th(SiO4) Caltech  synthetic, grown by Boatner view
Thorite X050164 Th(SiO4) Caltech  Italy view
Wakefieldite-(Ce) R060176 CeVO4 Ty Balacko TB1 North Keremeous, British Columbia, Canada view
Wakefieldite-(Ce) R060542 CeVO4 Michael Scott S100013 Yellow Lake, British Columbia, Canada view
Xenotime-(Y) R050178 Y(PO4) Marcus Origlieri  Novo Horizonte, Bahia, Brazil view
Xenotime-(Y) R060428 Y(PO4) Herb Obodda 107 Zagi Mountain, near Hammedabad, Khaffor Dehri, North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan view
Xenotime-(Y) R120080 Y(PO4) Rudy Bolona  Clora May mine, Chaffee County, Colorado, USA view
Zircon R050034 Zr(SiO4) University of Arizona Mineral Museum 13491 Oaxaca, Mexico view
Zircon R050203 Zr(SiO4) Eric Van Valkenburg  Eastern Thailand view
Zircon X050179 Zr(SiO4) G.R. Rossman 341 Chantaburi, Thailand view
Zircon X050180 Zr(SiO4) Caltech 1218 Southeast Asia view
Zircon X050181 Zr(SiO4) Caltech 1465 Blantyre, Malawi view
Zircon X050182 Zr(SiO4) Caltech 1467 Henderson, North Carolina, USA view
Zircon X050183 Zr(SiO4) Caltech  Synthetic view
Zircon R050286 Zr(SiO4) Marcus Origlieri  Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada view
Zircon R050488 Zr(SiO4) California Institute of Technology W-21066 Sigulani Village, Tambani Area, Blantyre District, Nyassaland view
Zircon R100128 Zr(SiO4) William W. Pinch  Cambodia view
Zircon R100144 Zr(SiO4) William W. Pinch  Sri Lanka view
Zircon R150080 Zr(SiO4) Michael Scott  unknown view
Zircon R150081 Zr(SiO4) Michael Scott  unknown view
Zircon R150082 Zr(SiO4) Michael Scott  unknown view
Zircon R150083 Zr(SiO4) Michael Scott  unknown view
Zircon R150084 Zr(SiO4) Michael Scott  unknown view
Zircon R150085 Zr(SiO4) Michael Scott  unknown view
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