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Diadochite R120021 Fe3+2(PO4)(SO4)(OH)·6H2O Dr. Jürgen Wachsmuth  Vysočany, Prague, Czech Republic view
Ekanite X060007 Ca2ThSi8O20 University of Arizona Mineral Museum 10553 Sri Lanka view
Ekanite R080036 Ca2ThSi8O20  3834 Unknown view
Ekanite R100158 Ca2ThSi8O20 William W. Pinch  Ratnapura District, Sri Lanka view
Evansite R061030 Al3(PO4)(OH)6·8H2O Michael Scott S101244 Creu Olorde, Barcelona, Spain view
Jordisite R060864 MoS2 Michael Scott S100863 Bleiberg, Karnten, Osterreich, Austria view
Opal R060652 SiO2·nH2O Gemological Institute of America 23128 Ethiopia view
Opal R060653 SiO2·nH2O Gemological Institute of America 4021A Brazil view
Opal R060651 SiO2·nH2O Gemological Institute of America 4570 Mexico view
Opal R060650 SiO2·nH2O Gemological Institute of America 6029 Idaho, USA view
Opal X070002 SiO2·nH2O Taka Yamanaka  Synthetic view
Opal X070003 SiO2·nH2O Taka Yamanaka  Synthetic view
Opal R070627 SiO2·nH2O www.multicolour.com  Madagascar view
Opal X080017 SiO2·nH2O Gemological Institute of America 14329 Synthetic view
Opal X080018 SiO2·nH2O Gemological Institute of America 21794 Synthetic view
Opal R100149 SiO2·nH2O William W. Pinch  Sri Lanka view
Opal R110107 SiO2·nH2O Gemological Institute of America 10-12-2010-12 Synthetic view
Zaratite R050268 Ni3(CO3)(OH)4·4H2O Marcus Origlieri  Lord Brassy mine, Tasmania, Australia view
Displaying: 1 - 18 18 Records Found
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