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Ardealite R060233 Ca2(PO3OH)(SO4)·4H2O Michael Scott S100314 Moorba Cave, Jurien Bay, Western Australia, Australia view
Brushite R070554 Ca(PO3OH)·2H2O Henry J. Sun  Biogenic view
Churchite-(Y) R050421 Y(PO4)·2H2O Marcus Origlieri  Vesuvius, Virginia, USA view
Churchite-(Y) R060424 Y(PO4)·2H2O Michael Scott S100069 Indian Mountain, Cherokee County, Alabama, USA view
Gypsum R040029 Ca(SO4)·2H2O University of Arizona Mineral Museum 4885 Twin Buttes, Pima County, Arizona, USA view
Gypsum X050096 Ca(SO4)·2H2O Caltech  view
Gypsum X050097 Ca(SO4)·2H2O Caltech  Cave of Swords, Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico view
Gypsum X050098 Ca(SO4)·2H2O Caltech  Lake Mead, Arizona, USA view
Gypsum X050099 Ca(SO4)·2H2O CIT 628 Pomiaia, Italy view
Gypsum R060509 Ca(SO4)·2H2O Michael Scott S100215 Pierre Shale, Hermosa, Custer County, South Dakota, USA view
Pharmacolite R050537 Ca(AsO3OH)·2H2O University of Arizona Mineral Museum 16150 Bohemia Region, Svornost mine, Jachymov, Czech Republic view
Pharmacolite R070517 Ca(AsO3OH)·2H2O James Shigley  Getchell mine, Adam Peak, Potosi District, Humboldt County, Nevada, USA view
Displaying: 1 - 12 12 Records Found
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