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Bakerite R050423 Ca4B5(SiO4)3(O3(OH)5) Marcus Origlieri  Corkscrew Canyon, Death Valley, California, USA view
Bergslagite R060243 CaBe(AsO4)(OH) Michael Scott S100249 Langban mine dump, Langban, Filipstad, Varmland, Sweden view
Datolite R050033 CaB(SiO4)(OH) University of Arizona Mineral Museum 4509 Westfield, Massachusetts, USA view
Datolite R050136 CaB(SiO4)(OH) Dave Bunk Minerals  Charcas, San Luis Potosi, Mexico view
Datolite X050051 CaB(SiO4)(OH) RD Shannon 49022- 46 Westfield, Massachusetts, USA view
Gadolinite-(Y) R060351 Y2Fe2+Be2O2(SiO4)2 Herb Obodda 031 Hittero, Vest-Agder, Norway view
Gadolinite-(Y) R070340 Y2Fe2+Be2O2(SiO4)2 Michael Scott S103589 Ytterøya Mine, Røvika, Ytterøya (island), Levanger, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway view
Gadolinite-(Y) R080129 Y2Fe2+Be2O2(SiO4)2 Michael Scott S103589 Ytterøya mine, Røvika, Ytterøya (island), Levanger, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway view
Gadolinite-(Y) R120138 Y2Fe2+Be2O2(SiO4)2 William Shelton  Ytterby, Uppland, Sweden view
Herderite R100064 CaBe(PO4)F Luiz Menezes  Medina, Minas Gerais, Brazil view
Hingganite-(Ce) R060857 BeCe(SiO4)(OH) Michael Scott S101013 Tatyana pegmatite, Haldzan Buregteg massif, Mongolia view
Hingganite-(Y) R070466 BeY(SiO4)(OH) Michael Scott S102102 Tuften Quarry, Tvedalen, Larvik, Vestfold, Norway view
Hingganite-(Y) R120171 BeY(SiO4)(OH) Ikram Mineralogy  Zagi Mountain, Hameed Abad Kafoor Dheri, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan view
Hydroxylherderite R050518 CaBe(PO4)(OH) University of Arizona Mineral Museum 2386 Mt. Apatite, Auburn, Maine, USA view
Hydroxylherderite R050520 CaBe(PO4)(OH) University of Arizona Mineral Museum 10309 Virgem da Lapa, Minas Gerais, Brazil view
Hydroxylherderite R060353 CaBe(PO4)(OH) Herb Obodda 020 Shigar Valley, northeast of Skardu, Baltistan, Pakistan view
Hydroxylherderite R070451 CaBe(PO4)(OH) Michael Scott S102803 Fletcher mine, Groton, Grafton County, New Hampshire, USA view
Minasgeraisite-(Y) R120134 CaBe2Y2Si2O10 Luiz Menezes  Jaguaraçu, Minas Gerais, Brazil view
Displaying: 1 - 18 18 Records Found
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