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Caresite R120028 Fe2+4Al2(OH)12(CO3)·3H2O Donald Doell  Mont Saint-Hilaire, Rouville County, Québec, Canada view
Coalingite R110196 Mg10Fe3+2(CO3)(OH)24·2H2O James Shigley  San Benito County, California (about 35 miles NW of Coalinga), USA view
Coalingite R110197 Mg10Fe3+2(CO3)(OH)24·2H2O Donald Doell  Hunting Hill quarry, Rockville, Montgomery County, Maryland, USA view
Desautelsite R060303 Mg6Mn3+2(CO3)(OH)16·4H2O Michael Scott S100079 1.5 miles west of San Benito mountain, southern San Benito County, California, USA view
Glaucocerinite R060831 (Zn1-xAlx)(SO4)x/2(OH)2·nH2O (x < 0.5, n > 3x/2) Michael Scott S101197 Laurion, Greece view
Hydrotalcite R050457 Mg6Al2CO3(OH)16(H2O)4 University of Arizona Mineral Museum 2896 Snarum, Norway view
Hydrotalcite R060527 Mg6Al2CO3(OH)16(H2O)4 Michael Scott S100217 Jacupiranga Pegmatite, Sao Paulo State, Brazil view
Iowaite R060272 Mg6Fe3+2(OH)16Cl2·4H2O Michael Scott S100180 Palabora open pit, Phalaborwa, Transvaal, Republic of South Africa view
Iowaite R120110 Mg6Fe3+2(OH)16Cl2·4H2O Marcus Origlieri  Kaznakhtinskiy Range, Altai Mountains, Russia view
Jamborite R070619 Ni2+1-xCo3+x(OH)2-x(SO4)x·nH2O [x ≤ 1/3 n; ≤ (1-x)] Joan Abella i Creus  Eugenia mine, Bellmunt del Priorat, Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain view
Karchevskyite R070103 Mg18Al9(OH)54Sr2(CO3)9(H2O)6(H3O)5 Michael Scott S105069 Zheleznyi mine, Kovdor Massif, Kola Peninsula, Russia view
Liudongshengite R180016 Zn4Cr2(OH)12(CO3)·3H2O Ron Gibbs  79 mine, Gila Co., Arizona, USA view
Pyroaurite R100053 Mg6Fe3+2(CO3)(OH)16·4H2O William W Pinch  Langban, Filipstad, Varmland, Sweden view
Pyroaurite R120011 Mg6Fe3+2(CO3)(OH)16·4H2O Donald Doell  Scotch Lake quarry, Scotch Lake, Cape Breton County, Nova Scotia, Canada view
Quintinite R070709 Mg4Al2(OH)12(CO3)·3H2O Michael Scott S104013 Jacupiranga mine, Cajati, São Paulo, Southeast Region, Brazil view
Reevesite R070678 Ni6Fe3+2(CO3)(OH)16·4H2O Michael Scott S104318 Otway Prospect, Nullagine Region, Western Australia, Australia view
Shigaite R080090 Mn6Al3(OH)18[Na(H2O)6](SO4)2·6H2O Michael Scott S103622 Ioi Mine, Shiga Prefecture, Kinki Region, Honshu Island, Japan view
Stichtite R050328 Mg6Cr2(CO3)(OH)16·4H2O Marcus Origlieri  Dundas, Tasmania, Australia view
Stichtite R050475 Mg6Cr2(CO3)(OH)16·4H2O California Institute of Technology W-20701 near Dundas, Tasmania, Australia view
Stichtite R060675 Mg6Cr2(CO3)(OH)16·4H2O Michael Scott S100268 Nevada Creek, Dundas, Tasmania, Australia view
Wermlandite R100052 Mg7Al2(OH)18[Ca(H2O)6](SO4)2·6H2O William W Pinch  Langban, Filipstad, Varmland, Sweden view
Woodwardite R060762 (Cu1-xAlx)(SO4)x/2(OH)2·nH2O (x < 0.5, n < 3x/2) Michael Scott S101245 Cornwall, England view
Displaying: 1 - 22 22 Records Found
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