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Alloriite R070560 (Na,K,Ca)24(Na,Ca)4Ca4(Si,Al)48O96(SO4)4(SO3,CO3)2(OH,Cl)2(H2O,OH)4 Michael Scott S1001435 Monte Cavalluccio, near Campagnano di Roma, Rome, Latium, Italy view
Cancrinite R050352 (Na,Ca,   )8(Al6Si6)O24(CO3,SO4)2·2H2O California Institute of Technology  York River, quarry #2, Dungannon Township, Ontario, Canada view
Cancrinite R100110 (Na,Ca,   )8(Al6Si6)O24(CO3,SO4)2·2H2O Robert Woodside  French River, Ontario, Canada view
Davyne R060305 [(Na,K)6(SO4)0.5Cl][Ca2Cl2][(Si6Al6O24)] Michael Scott S100269 Bellerberg, Ettringen, Laacher See, Germany view
Davyne R140771 [(Na,K)6(SO4)0.5Cl][Ca2Cl2][(Si6Al6O24)] Ch. and H. Schäfer  Monte Somma, Somma-Vesuvius Complex, Naples Province, Campania, Italy view
Microsommite R100090 [(Na,K)6(SO4)][Ca2Cl2][(Si6Al6O24)] Marcus Origlieri  Monte Somma, Campania, Italy view
Pitiglianoite R130097 K2Na6(Si6Al6)O24(SO4)·2H2O Donald Doell  Mt Cavalluccio, Campagnano di Roma, Sacrofano Caldera, Rome Province, Latium, Italy view
Quadridavyne R141084 [(Na,K)6Cl2][Ca2Cl2][(Si6Al6O24)] Ch. and H. Schäfer  Mt Vesuvius, Naples Province, Campania, Italy view
Tiptopite R070609 K2(Li,Na,Ca)6(Be6P6)O24(OH)2·1.3H2O Dakota Matrix Minerals  Tip Top mine, Custer County, South Dakota, USA view
Vishnevite R061139 Na8(Al6Si6)O24(SO4)·2H2O Michael Scott S101512 Vishnevyite Mountains, Urals, U.S.S.R. view
Displaying: 1 - 10 10 Records Found
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