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Tremolite R040045 ◻Ca2(Mg5.0-4.5Fe2+0.0-0.5)Si8O22(OH)2 University of Arizona Mineral Museum 5906 Gouverneur, New York, USA view
Tremolite R040109 ◻Ca2(Mg5.0-4.5Fe2+0.0-0.5)Si8O22(OH)2 University of Arizona Mineral Museum 14820 Cassiar, British Columbia, Canada view
Tremolite R050167 ◻Ca2(Mg5.0-4.5Fe2+0.0-0.5)Si8O22(OH)2 Marcus Origlieri  Hunza Valley, Afghanistan view
Tremolite R050173 ◻Ca2(Mg5.0-4.5Fe2+0.0-0.5)Si8O22(OH)2 Marcus Origlieri  Fort Dauphin, Madagascar view
Tremolite R050210 ◻Ca2(Mg5.0-4.5Fe2+0.0-0.5)Si8O22(OH)2 Lloyd Twaites  Sugar Lake, Cherryville, British Columbia, Canada view
Tremolite X050167 ◻Ca2(Mg5.0-4.5Fe2+0.0-0.5)Si8O22(OH)2 G.R. Rossman 231 Gouvernour, New York view
Tremolite X050168 ◻Ca2(Mg5.0-4.5Fe2+0.0-0.5)Si8O22(OH)2 CIT 13696 Passo Cadonighino, Switzerland view
Tremolite X050169 ◻Ca2(Mg5.0-4.5Fe2+0.0-0.5)Si8O22(OH)2 CIT 8038 Mt. Bity, Madagascar view
Tremolite X050170 ◻Ca2(Mg5.0-4.5Fe2+0.0-0.5)Si8O22(OH)2 CIT 321 Canaan, Connecticut, USA view
Tremolite X050171 ◻Ca2(Mg5.0-4.5Fe2+0.0-0.5)Si8O22(OH)2 CIT 290 St. Lawrence County, New York, USA view
Tremolite X050172 ◻Ca2(Mg5.0-4.5Fe2+0.0-0.5)Si8O22(OH)2 CIT 4924 Macomb, New York, USA view
Tremolite X050173 ◻Ca2(Mg5.0-4.5Fe2+0.0-0.5)Si8O22(OH)2 G.R. Rossman 1035 Haliburton, Ontario, Canada view
Tremolite R050498 ◻Ca2(Mg5.0-4.5Fe2+0.0-0.5)Si8O22(OH)2 California Institute of Technology W-21014 Inyo County, California, USA view
Tremolite R060311 ◻Ca2(Mg5.0-4.5Fe2+0.0-0.5)Si8O22(OH)2 Herb Obodda 005 Khyber Pass area, Khyber Agency, North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan view
Tremolite R061087 ◻Ca2(Mg5.0-4.5Fe2+0.0-0.5)Si8O22(OH)2 Michael Scott S101178 Turret, Chaffee County, Colorado, USA view
Tremolite R070422 ◻Ca2(Mg5.0-4.5Fe2+0.0-0.5)Si8O22(OH)2 Steve Ulatowski  Merilani Hills, Arusha, Tanzania view
Tremolite R150094 ◻Ca2(Mg5.0-4.5Fe2+0.0-0.5)Si8O22(OH)2 UAMM 9512  Belmat, St. Lawrence Co., New York, USA view
Displaying: 1 - 17 17 Records Found
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