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Name: Enargite
RRUFF ID: R050435
Ideal Chemistry: Cu3AsS4
Locality: Longfellow mine, Red Mountain Pass, Ouray, Colorado, USA
Source: University of Arizona Mineral Museum 1803 [view label]
Owner: RRUFF
Description: Grayish black prismatic crystals
Status: The identification of this mineral has been confirmed by X-ray diffraction and chemical analysis
Mineral Groups: [ Enargite (4) ] [ Wurtzite (20) ]
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RRUFF ID: R050435.2
Sample Description: Microprobe Fragment
Measured Chemistry: Cu2.97As0.95Sb0.02S4
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Sample Description: Unoriented sample

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RRUFF ID: R050435
Sample Description: Unoriented sample
Instrument settings: Thermo Almega XR 532nm @ 100% of 150mW
INFRARED SPECTRUM (Attenuated Total Reflectance) 
RRUFF ID: R050435.1
Instrument settings: SensIR Durascope on a Nicolet Magna 860 FTIR
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RRUFF ID: R050435.1
Sample Description: Powder
Cell Refinement Output: a: 7.4262(5)Å    b: 6.4258(4)Å    c: 6.1541(2)Å
alpha: 90°    beta: 90°    gamma: 90°   Volume: 293.66(2)Å3    Crystal System: orthorhombic
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Calculated diffraction file.

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Output file from the Bruker D8 Advance instrument. Includes device headers and XY data.

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Output file from the Bruker D8 Advance instrument. Includes device headers and XY data.

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