CrystalSleuth: Introduction

Important Note: We have developed this software to assist with the RRUFF™ Project research. Although we happily share the software, we do not wish to guarantee its use for the identification of minerals. Explanation: This software produces the closest matches to samples within our database. It is entirely possible that your sample is not in our database, and also possible that the best achieved match belongs to a sample whose identity is not yet confirmed.

Download Raman Quick Start Guide (PDF).

System Requirements
     PC with Windows 2000, XP, or Vista

Installation Download CrystalSleuth.
Double-click "CSsetup.exe"
If prompted with a warning about opening an executable, click OK.
At welcome screen, click next.
Choose which if any of the additional tasks you would like the installer to complete. Click Next.
The "Ready to Install" dialog shows you the options you've selected.
CrystalSleuth will quickly install. Click finish.