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Brizziite R060611 NaSbO3 Michael Scott S101113 Le Cetine di Cotorniano, Chiusdino, Siena Province, Tuscany, Italy view
Brizziite R220041 NaSbO3 Erica Bittarello  Pereta mine, Tuscany, Italy view
Corundum R040096 Al2O3 University of Arizona Mineral Museum 11567 Sri Lanka view
Corundum X050042 Al2O3 G.R. Rossman 1020b Australia view
Corundum X050043 Al2O3 G.R. Rossman 1333 Malacachita, Minas Gerais, Brazil view
Corundum X050044 Al2O3 G.R. Rossman 1054 Queensland, Australia view
Corundum X050045 Al2O3 G.R. Rossman 1380b Queenland, Australia view
Corundum R060020 Al2O3 American Museum of Natural History 98807 Yogo Gulch, Montana, USA view
Corundum X080003 Al2O3 Gemological Institute of America 28544 Synthetic view
Corundum X080005 Al2O3 Gemological Institute of America 19519 Synthetic view
Corundum X080006 Al2O3 Gemological Institute of America 24224 Synthetic view
Corundum X080007 Al2O3 Gemological Institute of America 30078 Synthetic view
Corundum R100131 Al2O3 William W. Pinch  Madagascar view
Corundum R100142 Al2O3 William W. Pinch  Nepal view
Corundum R110096 Al2O3 Gemological Institute of America 10-12-2010-1 Synthetic view
Corundum R110097 Al2O3 Gemological Institute of America 10-12-2010-2 Synthetic view
Corundum R110098 Al2O3 Gemological Institute of America 10-12-2010-3 Synthetic view
Corundum R110099 Al2O3 Gemological Institute of America 10-12-2010-4 Synthetic view
Corundum R110110 Al2O3 Gemological Institute of America 10-12-2010-15 Synthetic view
Corundum R110111 Al2O3 Gemological Institute of America 10-12-2010-16 Synthetic view
Corundum R110116 Al2O3 Gemological Institute of America 10-12-2010-21 Synthetic view
Corundum R110117 Al2O3 Gemological Institute of America 10-22-2010-22 Synthetic view
Corundum R110119 Al2O3 Gemological Institute of America 10-22-2010-24 Synthetic view
Corundum P000033 Al2O3 ScottLab P000033 Virtual view
Eskolaite R060892 Cr2O3 Michael Scott S101026 Outokumpu, Finland view
Geikielite R070479 MgTiO3 Royal Ontario Museum M14941 Colombo, Sri Lanka view
Hematite R040024 Fe2O3 University of Arizona Mineral Museum 12904 near Covered Wells, Papago Indian Reservation, Arizona, USA view
Hematite X050102 Fe2O3 CIT - 2058 Michigan, USA view
Hematite R050300 Fe2O3 Eugene Schlepp  Argentina view
Hematite R060190 Fe2O3 Lloyd Twaites  Florence mine, Egremont, Cumbria, England view
Hematite R070240 Fe2O3 Michael Scott S103456 Moshgai, Gobi Desert, Mongolia view
Hematite R110013 Fe2O3 University of Arizona Mineral Museum UAMM6901 Itabira, Minas Gerais, Brazil view
Ilmenite R060149 Fe2+Ti4+O3 Marcus Origlieri  Faraday Property, Bancroft District, Ontario, Canada view
Ilmenite R130214 Fe2+Ti4+O3 Don Doell  Mont St-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada view
Melanostibite R200016 Mn2Fe3+Sb5+O6 Markus and Stefan Wiklund #00008 Langban mine, Filipstad, Varmland, Sweden view
Pyrophanite R070211 Mn2+TiO3 Michael Scott S104979 Harstigen Mine, Pajsberg, Filipstad, Varmland, Sweden view
Tistarite R170055 Ti2O3 Sarah Gain  Pyroclastic and alluvial deposits near Mount Carmel, Israel view
Wangdaodeite R150142 FeTiO3 Xiande Xie and Xiangping Gu  Suizhou L6 chondrite, Dayanpo, 12.5 km southeast of the city of Suizhou, Hubei Province, China (35°18’N, 113°35’E) view
Displaying: 1 - 38 38 Records Found
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