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Name: Descloizite
RRUFF ID: R050037
Ideal Chemistry: PbZn(VO4)(OH)
Locality: Berg Aukas mine, Namibia
Source: Eugene Schlepp
Owner: RRUFF
Description: Group of brown thin tabular single crystals
Status: The identification of this mineral has been confirmed by X-ray diffraction and chemical analysis
Mineral Group: [ descloizite (10) ]
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RRUFF ID: R050037.2
Sample Description: Microprobe Fragment
Measured Chemistry: Pb1.00(Zn0.98Cu0.02)Σ=1((V0.98As0.02)Σ=1O4)(OH) ; OH estimated by difference and stoichiometry
Microprobe Data File: [ Download Excel File ]
Sample Description: Sample is oriented, mounted onto a pin and polished
Pin ID: m00433
Orientation: Laser parallel to  -a*  (-1 0 0).     Fiducial mark perpendicular to laser is parallel to  b   [0 1 0].

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Direction of polarization of laser relative to fiducial mark:
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RRUFF ID: R050037
Sample Description: Unoriented sample
Instrument settings: Thermo Almega XR 532nm @ 100% of 150mW
INFRARED SPECTRUM (Attenuated Total Reflectance) 
RRUFF ID: R050037.1
Instrument settings: SensIR Durascope on a Nicolet Magna 860 FTIR
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RRUFF ID: R050037.1
Sample Description: Powder
Cell Refinement Output: a: 7.5955(2)Å    b: 6.0696(3)Å    c: 9.4243(2)Å
alpha: 90.°    beta: 90.°    gamma: 90.°   Volume: 434.48(2)Å3    Crystal System: orthorhombic
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Output file from the Bruker D8 Advance instrument. Includes device headers and XY data.

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Output file from the Bruker D8 Advance instrument. Includes device headers and XY data.

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